Monday, July 02, 2007


Things you should on a weekend: nothing in particular. Try it sometime, its great.

I started my Fri. with beers at GHut, then moved onto beers in Old town (those particular beers involved stories about Harry Connick Jr's underpants and night terrors and the New Orleans mafia, god, it was so fantastic) and stayed up too late and then woke up the next morning and was driven out to the sticks by a guy named Tony and drank wine for 10 hours with hot chicks, and then fell asleep watching Saturday Night live reruns (but not before receiving this text message: "WE ARE WATCHING A MAGIC SHOW!"), and then the next day didn't shower til 3 and saw Die Hard and drank a few more beers and ate pasta salad and ice cream. All in all, totally. solid. weekend.

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