Monday, July 16, 2007


Aforementioned wedding was totally totally lovely, the bride was teh hotness, I sweated a ton (in a good way), the DJ played New Order, and the grandma didn't even say a peep about the ceremony including the Beach Boys- so all is well on all wedding fronts. Apparently the afterpartying was choice enough that my very white friends someone got themselves adopted into an African-American family reunion at the Holiday Inn, where new "cousin T." exchanged both hugs AND business cards. Shirtless. Maybe.

Oh. And K. and I just bought tickets to Chicago in August on a whim, which is awesome, except I think as penance (or maybe not, the whole thing is just v. confusing?) I'm being forced to go see the Gipsy Kings. (is this okay? I know nothing about the Gipsy Kings other than they are Basque mebbe [?] and my mom listens to them and when I tried to tell TR about the concert he got all excited about going to see Gypsys and then I had to explain.) But my ol pal Eric just bought a new sweet grownup condo for free crashing, and is even nice enough to come get me at the airport even though I said I'd take the El.

I love you, summer.

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