Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"i think its called 'flight of the commodore' or something? and it's awesome?"

i can't get any servers at my office to work, so i'm pretty much fucked for getting anything accomplished this morning. good thing it's July and the entire galaxy doesn't really care.

- what should have been the one hit

- issue #17

- voxtrot @ black cat, 10/6; new porn same month @ 930.

Quickly: the N and I took a trip to New Mexico a few years just because, it was hella good times and lots of fun climbing around holes in Bandelier and driving our rental Sonata to weird little places, including a tiny town called Madrid (3 blocks big) which I liked because it had a crazy theatre production about the mines there. According to the Radio Voices (NPR or whoeever, I'd assume) in my kitchen last night as we concocted some sort of disgusting/delicious meal (involving cheddar cheese and tuna fish, don't ask) NM is the new hotness for Hollywood because the state gives em all tax breaks and the Important Celebrities love to pretend to be ranch hands. FYI: Poor Madrid apparently had a fake diner built for the filming of "Wild Hogs." World, what have we done.

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Lauren said...

We saw Voxtrot live for their CD release party in Austin. That will be an awesome show.