Thursday, July 05, 2007

shining some old glory on me

Oh hi. My spinal column is systematically trying to work its way through my right shoulder blade and out into this cruel cruel world for some fresh fucking air. I can't concentrate, nor can I turn my head. I love life.

My 4th was good. I spent all day lying on my back flipping between the Food Network (which sucks now?) and episodes of Sunset Tan (which... nevermind.) I tried to get the dog to leave the house and he wasn't buying it. I bought a Slurpee, Squishee, and some beer. Then I went to Cardozo and watched the youth of America try to blow each other up, but it wasn't all that thrilling, especially since the kid with the backpack full of explosives wasn't around this year. I assume he blew his head off NYE 06-07.

Oh yeah, and I made crabcakes this week and we set up a tent in our living room, and I called K. from the tent and said "I'M IN A TENT! IN MY HOUSE!"

Seriously, I am totally crippled and can barely type.

Oh here, something to keep you entertained: Remember Liz Phair? That was fun, wasn't it?

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