Thursday, July 26, 2007

the lauren graham cover exclusive: "why we love the girl-next door types but not copy editors, etc."

The latest from poo-pile Capitol File is on my desk, and it's a yawn factory, even though this is the annual "Little Black Book" issue. Only MY FAVORITE ISSUE EVER!!1 Hot singles in DC (all of them, fascinatingly, are "VPs of Communication".... yes, I'm looking at yr sexy face, Mr Tripp Donnelly, on every. single. fucking. page) and not a single one of them is slightly crazy/interesting. No one's making a Zoolander face this year. I'm sad.

BUT, do not fear! There is something to make me grind my teeth into oblivs and break out in cold raging sweats. The required article re: charity polo matches starts off with this sentence: "Merrriam-Webster dictionary defines charity as "benevolent giving."

You've got to be joking. It reads like the speech of someone running for 8th grade class secretary, non?

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BTWallthingspublishing, I didn't realize its not just Washington CP who's been boughten (???? greatest sentence fragment ever???), but also Chicago Reader. Please note the last line - DC residents have yet another reason to hate the suburbs. Or I guess learn to love them, dep. on your view of The CP. Chantilly rep'sent.

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