Sunday, July 08, 2007


- BIRTHDAY, bitches! Today, I play Ian McNabb in yr honor. If I can find any Ian McNabb.

If it were my blogbirthday, or my birthday, or Monday morning (which it will be soon) - I would want this. Oops, wait, I think I just bought a signed copy, and it's not even my birthday OR Monday yet.

- The N is smoking a giant chicken with a beer can up its ass in my backyard. The dog smells like Swamp Thing. I just bought unncecessary things at Ikea. Why is it impossible to get out of Ikea without buying a cuttin gboard? What is that all about? I have 15 of them.

- My back was too fucked up to go camping this weekend so I sat in a straight-backed chair all day yesterday with a soda bottle under my shoulder blade watching "ANTM" marathons. That show is confusing.

- By the way, the entire internet was at Black Cat on Friday night. I did the following: watched a porn-like interaction with a piece of machineary, talked about hippies and looms, and sent a few text messages that were kind of awesome ("I AM HERE WATCHING A CONCERT IT IS PACKED I AM DRUNK SHE IS CUTE COME TO DC OH ALSO DID THEY JUST COVER DYLAN???? Wait, No.") Oh yeah, and music. And beer. And The Icicle Works. If i could have turned my head, I would have said "hello" to more of you, internet, but I can't.


The Deceiver said...

Beer can chicken! Something I've always wanted to try. Something I've also always wanted to try is the whole deep fried turkey thing for thanksgiving, but we have t-givs at the bro/sis-in-laws house and brother-in-law won't hear of it. Can I bother the N. for a diplomatic mission to New Jersey? To sit down, intervention stizz and work this out?

the g said...

beer can chicken is awesome.

deep frying turkeys is totally awesome. new jersey should learn this.

The Deceiver said...

I am trying to teach New Jersey the pleasure of deep-fried turkey, to no avail (also: how to pump yr own gas!). But it should be noted that Bro-in-law is from Virginia, and should be amenable to it. I keep telling him that we can all go to Herald Square and see the floats if we deepfry the sumbitch, b/c it only takes 43 seconds to cook. But he refuses, on traditionalist grounds and for some crazy safety concern!

Also: he wonders where will we dispose of the grease? I'm like: What's the point in having the State of New Jersey if we're not going to use it to dump grease, like everyone else?

Wife of DCeiver, recently returned from NJ, reports that there have been massive delays in the renovation of their kitchen. Keep yr fingers crossed--he might have no other choice than to go DIY-fry this November!

Tom said...

Yes! Turkey fryers! I'm pretty sure the consumer product safety commission has deemed them unsafe at any speed. I really, really want some fried turkey.

Also, another vote for beer can chicken.