Thursday, July 12, 2007

"oh, we know each other through the internet"

so, hey. last night's scene was kind of a barrel of laughs, wasn't it? The two of us showed up with me already on the last train to Wrecksville and bragging about it, we got inside just before the deluge and then squeaked upstairs even though the show was sold out- I was stumbling up just as they launched into a Sophie B Hawkins cover, which was bad ASS, AMattos was dressed like a fashion model, I saw the D and K and oh yeah LJG for the first time in like 56 months, the DCeiver was charming as per usj, ANNNNDDDDDD even though I was given the opportunity, I did not lick Eric Axelson from toe to head. And by "opportunity" I mean just being nicely and formally introduced by the Avents, nothing more. Anyhoos, my husband was there and the licking would have been.... what's the word I'm looking for... uncouth? Sure. At least I didn't have to battle sexy single CatAn for face time or whatever, I crumble under competition.

Where was I?

OH. And if I were really really cruel, this is the time where I would also outline the completely hilarious and inappropriate voice mail my mother left me accidentally yesterday, thinking she was talking to someone else, which may or may not have contributed to me getting kind of smashed.

oh and music.

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