Thursday, July 19, 2007

tuxedo styled

I have totally reamed my IPod over the electronic coals in the past few months, and now my Work Mac won't accept it when I plug the damn thing in. Well, it will accept it kind of, but what it really really wants me to do is reset it to its factory default and make all my precious music go away. Well eat it, Work Mac, it ain't gonna happen. I'm am far too lazy to reload all this.

What I'm getting at: I can't play along with yr whole list-game. I can however, show you the Top 25 Songs Played at Work Itunes (culled from a list of only about 100 songs total, so the results are.... skewed. My options are kind of limited.)

Please note #s 2 (?), 6 ("folk") and ... 25. Who am I.

Not on here at all, but courtesy ILB: White Rabbits - The Plot. Good. Aug. 11 @ Black Cat. Which I don't think I can go to, so. Feh.

* * *

Unrelated/side note/haven't mentioned this yet: I still haven't read Gp's Onion article on Mingering Mike, or gone to Hemphill yet (stupid & I'm running out of time), but the website itself is sick awesome. I want to own a real copy of Sickle Cell Anemia. Or at least the book, for those of you making early-holiday present lists for loved ones (me) in yr mindgrapes.

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