Friday, July 06, 2007

ironside was scariest

Transformers: worst movie ever made or sheer brilliance? I said "worst" and Mathis almost cut me over IM, if that's even possible. But then I reconsidered a little bit and sure, space robot automobile fight scenes? Sure, sure. Sign me up.

Pros: Dance Dance Revolution cameo, Bumblebee being retarded?, hot computer scientist chick (Dr. Christmas Jones) and oh yeah space robots that fight each other and are cars also sometimes.

Cons: Entire hole-filled plot that made no sense, me almost crying at Bumblebee, Jazz, Megatron not really being scary, the Nabob wearing the most obnoxious National Guard hat I've EVER SEEN and yelling "BOOOOOO" several times towards the end of the film. Also then when the D stole his hat and threatened to throw it away he threw a temper tantrum and stormed out of Gallery Place.

So, I don't know. given all that I guess one thumb up, one heartily down.


the Nabob said...

There were no "pros" to that movie.

It is not possible to recount what happened in the last ten minutes.

Also, when giant robots who look alike fight each other, you need to use a wide shot and not close ups.

And I am not some sort of Transformer purist. I would have seen and giant robots fight. Gobots even.

It fucking sucked.

The end.

Matt F said...

It is not possible to recount what happened in the last ten minutes.

The only logical explanation is that dude and chick were having a three-way with Bumblebee.

the Nabob said...


you are exactly right.

And Ratchett videotaping the whole thing.