Monday, July 16, 2007

I've had women/I've had germs *

you know in high school or middle school or whatever, there was always the Girl Who Was Always Hurt/Sick - on crutches/had mono/broken arm/cramps/potential brain lesions/skin rash/chronic fatigue syndrome/cancer scare?

Friday afternoon I burned the everliving shit out of my arm on a hot iron (I never iron. is this ... IRONic? oh my god I'm sorry I couldnt help it), and 30 seconds ago I slit my thumb open (not the one that's sprained [yes, sprained thumb, christ], the other one) on the lid of a... wait for it... yogurt container.

I am officially The Girl Who Is Always Hurt/Sick of grownup school. Related, I start PT for the back next week. If I'm still alive.

* PS: holy crapload!


Blogs t r e t c h said...

Dude, you're gonna have to battle me for the title. On the heels of my recent sprained ankle/sun poisoning combo, I've now got some sort of respiratory infection and PINK EYE.

the Nabob said...

you guys are both gross