Tuesday, July 24, 2007


- We spent all of Saturday race-reading HP on the beach, even though the N had a 200-page head start on me, I still annhilated him by bedtime. Yes, yes, one day, I can read exceptionally fast. It's a talent that has proved pretty much worthless in my life, except to finish essay-question test light years ahead of the other kids. As a grown-up, v. little rewards.

- Random third-n-fouth cousins from all over the Midwest stormed the sand like tiny blond locusts, they were afraid of the surf and used terms like "manorexic" with utter glee. They also made us mexican food. Also they bought boyfriends who were professional cover-band drummers.

- I drank 700 glasses of red-wine without a headache, which is an alcohol coup of some sorts.

- More hilarious probs than watching the YouTube debate: listening to the YouTube debate on the radio.

- I finally bought a Fort Reno teeshirt last night, it's blue and I'm gonna make it my Back-Git-Well shirt. Coolest old gal on the physical therapy block.

- (PS: Funniest word of the weekend: INELIGIBLE!)

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K said...

It's like how in Wheel of Fortune they had to write out R, S, T, L, N, and E in order to give C, D, M, and A (or O) a shot.gra