Monday, July 30, 2007

doin whatever a spider pig does

This is the first weekend in since I can't remember that we were A) in town and B) had no official events to attend. Like the rest of the internet, the N and I saw TMLMTBGB on Sunday afternoon and crap, it's great. If it weren't already over, I'd tell you to go get tickets. Tom was right when he mentioned the serious parts didn't work as well (they were kind of.. obvious?) but still enjoyable. Just not as enjoyable as a piece entitled "Games, Damn!" during which I almost passed out from asphyxiation. Or however you spell it. I was doing that thing where I laugh so hard I start sobbbing.

Our show also got through 29.5 plays, and they didn't even start the timer late.

After all that Neo-Futurist culture we had to counteract with the Simpsons movie down the block.

Okay, what else. Friday was an internet party (although according to Becks there was a sex show going on? that we missed? Fuck), we had dinner with friends Saturday which ended in being kicked out of the restaurant, only to continue the conversation re: $5 Thai groin massages in the parking lot. Our neighbors just got a Viszla puppy with green eyes (HUMANY eyes) and I'm working on elaborate dognapping plans. I made potato salad last night and 4 of us planned our trip to England. Man, I am so glad we are prepared for this thing. Seeing as we leave Thursday and right now the "official" plans look something like this:

- Wedding
- London? Tate
- Um Bath
- England
- Also do we need hotels

Quite honestly, I'm amazed we've even figured out how to buy plane tickets.

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