Thursday, June 14, 2007

bad habits

something that needs to cease immediately, for the sake of my own sanity:

idly browsing midwest city craiglist real estate listings.

I might as well be shoving sharpened bamboo under each toenail while listening to scissor sisters. why yes, i would like to buy your lovely brick tudor for 89k. And stay at home at make apple butter or whatever. Where do I sign?


smelly mcsmellsmell said...

which midwest city? or all of them?

dude, columbia is dreamland for cheap housing. 50k to 75k for brick bungalows with huge backyards.

just sayin'.

the g said...

all of them.

i currently live in dc suburbs. you can buy a condo made of pipe cleaners here for a cool 400k, and then promptly kill yrself.

i could sell my townhouse and go buy a billion acre ranch somewhere already and raise bunnies and shit. and never work again except for shoveling bunny poop.