Tuesday, June 26, 2007

big umbrella/always wet

Back when it seemed like a fond illusion, if someone were to ask me (and they did) what broken-up band I’d pay just about anything to see live, I would have said The Police. But then Gordon played the hurdy gurdy at one awards ceremony and wore a vest and no shirt at another. He also recorded several albums as Sting.

When it was announced they were touring again and playing at the Virgin/Pimlico thing some people wanted to know if I was still among those willing to fork over the $100+. I have two answers. First, we are out of town so it doesn’t matter. Second, fuck no.

Our out-of-town-ness is also the reason I didn’t enter the DCist’s lolcat/Richard Branson’s teeth contest. Someone who really wants to see 311 and waste their day photoshopping can have the tickets. I just wanted to waste my day.

Smashing Pumpkins

2 TV on the Radios

Modest Mouse

Peter Bjorn and John


And a bonus Arcade Fire since they’re not playing Baltimore.

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