Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i am too bored to actually post my innermost thoughts and feelings and desires

things google/blogs/ internets have gifted me recently:

- Steinberg doodles

- Bomb

- Take it from me: Last night we determined this stuff? will probably kill you. Kill you dead and how.

- I really need to start watching more of the Lifetime channel.

- Awesome.

Also, i had totally forgotten about the existence of Carson Daly until probably last week, and holy crap. What happened to that guy? He looks like a Saturn dealer. Or a guidance counselor.


The Whip said...

I disagree on the Carson Daly look-alike contest. I think he looks more like Robbie William's somewhat slower and less attractive brother.

tom said...

My Turkish uncle drinks great big water glasses full of Raki, which Wikipedia says is a close relative of Rakia. They call it "tiger's milk" because it turns a disgusting milky white when you add water to it (or ice melts in it).

Kriston said...

It's so. Disgusting. And Tom might be the only person alive who can drink the stuff. Hence, the shirt Susan and I bought Tom in Istanbul.

the g said...

we had rakia. which i think is slightly different than raki, but still will KILL A MAN.