Thursday, June 28, 2007

watching/reading/not working/misc:

- the Jena Six

- free fonts from Peter Saville, including the Joy Division "Closer" font.

- "People are repulsed by their appearance." Also, the fuckers hiss.

- Brandon Bird and friend head to ComiCon. Also, a new print I want. Badly.

* * *

("Did you bring your baby? Babies don't watch this. Take the seed outside. Leave it in the streets. Run over it after the show.")

So. In previous gossipy exhcanges, I have found out that classmates from my high school have been really into naming their children after dairy products (think: "Brie". "Colby". etc.) Soooooo. When you find out that, say, One Of Them has now dubbed their offspring the same as an inexpensive alcoholic beverage, what's the appropriate reaction? I mean, this is proving par for the course for Them? I just forget this ever happened, right? Wait. I can't just choose to ignore this, people. I can't. It's all a v. slippery slope, soon there will be a child somewhere in the Novalands named Red Headed Slut Smith, and we will know her roots, and they will be the same as mine, and we will be collectively and exhaustively ashamed, won't we? Won't we.


the Nabob said...


I think Grey Goose would be an awesome name for a baby.

Matt F said...

I'm naming my child Colt 45.

the g said...

boones farm.

Kanishka said...


ryan said...

Purple Jesus Avent