Tuesday, June 26, 2007

zombie of the ghost of the corpse

Writing and Dice Club, can you get any more awesome? I mean, zombie fan fic aside (awesome #1), who else will spend hours watching and rewatching youtube videos with each other (awesome #2)?

Last night (after "Serious Critique" but before "Semi Drunken Let's Start an Arts Journal OMG!!!!Brainstorming Session") we tackled all the weighty issues of the internet: Dramatic Chipmunk, Same Girl, Cute Ear Flicking Tickle Koala, Linoleum Knife (personal favorite), and some Brad Neely Bible History.

I was a toddler, every time a delicious piece of media ended I'd be all: "AGAIN! AGAIN!" Thank you, Kriston Capps. Thank you.

Then I came home and almost chopped my hand off at the wrist with a ceiling fan. Long story.

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