Friday, June 22, 2007

may i echo a commenter when i say: "i want to throw a baby chimp"

Until last weekThe G is not easily angered. There are really only a few pet peeves that will get her seriously riled. One of the few, however, is when I find forgotten cash monies in my laundered pockets. It infuriates her for baffling reasons.

Me? I figure Future-Nabob just received a Community Development Block Grant from past-Nabob, especially when HUD requirements dictate that it must be spent on Big League Chew and Garbage Pail Kids.

Like all of Asia, Future-Nabob loves the Pet Shop Boys.

But this one has me terribly vexed.

I haven’t worn this jacket in about 14 months. I’ve also never been to Sri Lanka.

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the g said...

its because that never happens to me and life is a terrible burden and i hate people.