Wednesday, June 06, 2007

and then Bono showed up.

Chris Rock writes about his first trip to Africa, when he met with Nelson Mandela. "I went to Mandela's house, but I didn't have a sense that he knew who I was; I didn't have these great accomplishments or anything," Rock, who helped launch (Red), says. "His kids, grandkids, and security guards knew who I was, but what do you say to Nelson Mandela? This guy's so great, what the fuck is he doing meeting with me? Is Ja Rule coming in next? Mandela should be meeting with Bono and Oprah … He shouldn't be meeting with the guy from Pootie Tang."

S. pointed me to Annie Leibovitz's Vanity Fair covers. It's a great idea, and I love the way V-F worked the term "shout-outs" into their subhead. Nice work, writer squad! To recap: Condi looks like zombie hell; Chris Rock is treating Warren Buffet's ear like a lucky rabbits foot; Oprah is having an orgasm over the shoulder of Clooney; Clooney, in turn, is sharing his latest lyric ideas with Jay-Z; Iman is on loan from Madame Toussauds; and so on.

But this one is my favorite: WHY IS DESMOND TUTU ABOUT TO EAT BRAD PITT???? He looks like he is gazing upon a delicios Thanksgiving turkey or something. I'm mildly concerned, and massively humored.

(Noted: S. also likes the one of Madonna about to stick her tongue in Maya Angelou's ear. Hot. )

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