Monday, June 04, 2007


Intereviews like this solidify my belief that Matt Damon is a super nice dude and probably fun to go drink PBR with/start petty arguments with about like, the Justice League, mock-fights that end in smiles and shots and headlocks/hair-ruffling. Please, no one email me with tales of him acting like a typical Hollywood d-bag, I'm in a fragile state these days.

I saw 2 movies this weekend: Knocked Up (relatively funny, Seth Rogen is Al Brooks Jr., all the Apatow-alum roomates stole the show from the lead roles, and I am pretty sure I went to college with the "Jody" character) and Pirates (sucked, not surprisingly.)

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EJ Takes Life said...

Actually my friend who did study abroad in Prague while Matt Damon was filming the Bourne Whatever there said he was fantastic-- always hanging out with the American college kids and expats, but never putting any drunken handsy moves on 19-year-old girls.