Thursday, June 07, 2007

hymns for the hopeless

GAH. internet, assistance, i beg for. i am looking for an mp3 of the song "feast of a thousand beasts," by william elliott whitmore and jenny hoysten (it's the first track on the hallways of always album*.) ITunes doesn't have it. All the other usual sources have failed me. I am planning on buying the album like a good n proper girl. But til it arrives from the internets, someone help.

* (note: i found this album in the backseat of my closing-in-on-60-yr-old father in law's car. who is significantly cooler than me (the man, not the car), and would probably school me in like a competition of erase errata trivia or whatever.)

UPDATE ALREADY!: Resolved! Tom Lee, as usual, pwns the internet.

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