Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Jan Delay covert Nena!

The N and I have a new favorite artist: Jan Delay.

Here, Jan walks hand-in-trunk with an elephant, while channeling UB40.

Here, Jan frolics surfside in winter garb with indifferent mod ladies, his dachsund, and a seashell. That he raps into.

Here, Jan joins the Campfire Girls, or maybe the Nazi Youth. Or maybe Soundgarden. I'm not sure yet. Anyway: fire, and cavemen.

And here, Jan dresses like Yassar Arafat while making friends with clown protestors and a Revolutionary War marching band.

Obviously, neither the N or I speak German. We also don't speak reggae, so all of this is just a best guess. But JAN DELAY, people! Catch the fever.

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