Thursday, February 09, 2006

You know how to make fire don't you? Just put your sticks together...and blow.

Lalalala. A few things…

Surprisingly, an extensive search of our Pyggy archives has revealed that we didn’t write word one about the Folk Life Festival last year. And we actually went! We learned how to make fire from rubbing sticks, took pictures, ran away from bees and ate 4 different kinds of rice. 4 kinds! But I guess we had something better towrite about that Monday morning. Probably something dumb and unoriginal about independent music or Lost. But I remember being a bit let down in two ways.

1. There was no free food.
2. The G. wouldn’t let me use the giant Forest Service lumberjack saw that got so hot you had to pour water over it to keep the Mall from burning down.

But that may change this year. Well the free food thing probably won’t, but the lumberjack thing certainly will because the Folk Life folks just announced that the subject of their festival will be Alberta. Yeah, Alberta! Yeah! I don’t know the first damn thing about Providence A but I’m sure there’ll be lumberjacks. You can’t do Canada without them. And fur trappers. I hope they have fur trappers.

There’ll also be a large exhibit on the music of Chicago: Latino style! And for some reason, a whole thing on baskets. Perhaps they will accept the donation of the small basket I made in Boy Scout Camp to get my merit badge. And perhaps they won’t even know they are accepting it as I stealthily place it among the real ones. Oh, we’ll laugh heartily when we drive home wearing our sashes that say Basketeer of the Year - 2006.

Suckers. Basketeer of the Year – 1987 is more like.


Dear Jennifer,

If you ever need a break from TinyHouse you can come stay at my place, rent free. Jeremy, even though I’m sure is a great guy, is not invited. And I promise not to throw away your make-up.

Love always,


tom said...

what kind of saw are we talking about here?

Matt said...

I think it's one of those big 2-man saws that can cut tree trunks in half, if it's the same one I saw at the festival. Think Paul Bunyan.

tom said...

Awesome. I got to play with some of those in boy scouts. Those things are hard to use, but incredibly satisfying.