Monday, February 27, 2006

hydra teeth

I'd describe my weekend here, but it's been really difficult to remain conscious recently. Let's just say that my favorite bar at age 21 has been reconfigured into a sports-themed monstrosity, renamed after a piece of meat, and feng-shuied into an architectural abomination. At 2 AM, the inside resembled rats in a maze, but for beer, and the rats are wearing fascinating blazer/sports jersey combos.

Anyways, I'm feeling elderly.

Rapid Viz:

- Lee Siegel has an Edvard Munch essay up at Slate.

- Blogging Chris Ware.

- Note to self: cancel Majorca vacation.

Adult onset ADD:

- In other news closely related to feeling elderly: if anyone has any advice on kitchen renovation, please hit up. I mean, anything besides just randomly pulling up floor tiles because you're curious about what's under them. That approach has already been attempted, and it's led to nothing more than vacant wanderings around the Ikea cabinet n countertop section, and half-hearted catalog page-corner-folding of "shit we like." Righty then.

- In other news closely related to stupid people: Premiering Feb. 28 on MTV at whatever time. 9pm maybe. Real World: Key West. I will probably catch at least one terrifying episode on a hungover Sunday morning. I only mention this because someone I wasted a year of my life with wrote for it. What, you didn't know reality TV had writers? Awwws, you is a cute possum.

J: We pick out what you see and, more im­port­antly, what you don't see.
The G: gross
J: Here's a hint - what you don't see isn't very good.
The G: darling, the show isn't very good. I'm not really hip with voyeuring other people's STD testing.
J: The real world. Where people stop being polite, and start being infected.
J: on this season, we actually have a close up of a herp. It oozes.
The G: Real World: Free Clinic
J: by the way, you coming to the wedding?
The G: oh hells yes
J: you better, since we're going to be divorced by 2010 and then you'll never see me walk down an aisle again. At least not with someone this close to my age.

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