Monday, February 13, 2006

blue monday/what ry cooder said

It's 4:00, and I have read three internet sites today, over a rushed Flavia (TOM. PIAB FEMALE EDITION REPORTS: FLAVIA STILL +++ NAST, EVEN IF MADE BY ROBOT.*)

I had totally forgotten what it feels like to be gainfully employed. BUSY, even.

Reminder: it feels kind of good.

* The N. used to have an ionizer/air desanitizing machine that took nasty cleat & abandoned tupperware smells out of his '85 Wagoneer, but replaced said smells with another smell: the smell of metal. the smell of what pennies taste like.** The smell, the smell I quickly dubbed: "robot funeral." This has nothing to do with nasty ol' Flavia, but think of the robots. Robots, people.

** I knew a guy who tried that penny-in-the-mouth thing to beat a breathalizer, and accidentally spit a mouth full of pennies into a cops face. Covered in saliva. He went to my HS, natch.

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tom said...

I won't give up on Flavia. Everyone else might, but not me. It tries its best. And it's such a neat idea that I don't care whether or not it's a very good one.

A coworker and I were talking about its more exotic menu settings and the possibility of hacked firmwares, and she sent me the url You should have seen the look of boyish glee on my face until I realized it was just a cruel, cruel joke.