Thursday, February 16, 2006


Working late, since everyone in my galaxy is on CA time. While I wait for emails to shoot my way via online magik, go take a look at this. I love it when I google and find video of the randomest of songs I still love, from an album no one has really thought of since summer 03.

Also, I promise to never write about my neighbors/pre-teen angst again, since that scored "O" on the SiteInterestOMeter for the day.

I have the day off tomorrow! I am sleeping late, and then eating pretzels and beer! In Baltimore! By 11 AM, latest!


Matt said...

Hey, I liked your pre-teen angst story. I just felt that saying something like "wow, very nice" wouldn't really be adding much. Plus, it's the kind of comment that sounds like it should have "come try online gambling" at the end of it.

tom said...

Pretzels are made washing them in a solution of lye. I just learned this tonight. Seems pretty weird.