Wednesday, February 22, 2006

his girlfriend got it from a tractor seat

Quickly, in prep for your Wednesday eve viewing pleasure:

Last night, the N. and I watched one of my all time favorite Seinfeld episodes, I guess they are running them at 11:00 pm on TBS nowadays. Any time, any place, all over the globe, any language, you are assured of one thing: Jerry Seinfeld.

It was the one where Elaine finds that her boyfriend Putty has programmed all the radio stations in his car to Christian music, and has a Jesus fish on the back, and also thinks Elaine is going to hell.

Also, it's the episode where Kramer fine-tunes his acting skills by portraying disease symptoms for med students. Just as the N exclaims who the actor is, I realize too: the man who yells out "GONORRHEA!" is Lost's Jin. Turns out he knows English after all, or at least the really important words.


Kathryn Is So Over said...

No new Lost tonight...

And Jin was great as the evil lawyer guy on Angel.

The Governess said...