Friday, February 03, 2006


Two opportunities:

1. The Lilys and French Toast tonight at Black Cat. 10 bucks; I'm hoping it's a great show, Black Cat continuing on their fabulous Week of Rock. The N. may/may not attend. I am kind of jealous to be missing this one. However, I will be at......

2. The Science Club? Drinking heavily? With peeps from Baltimore? Pray tell, what is this place like? Do I wear jeans and indie sneakers, or do I need to go all out and wear a lot of eye makeup? Can I still drink beer? You can be honest with me.


La Bella Mafia said...

Regular Liquor $6.
Call Liquor $7.
Premium $8.
Top Shelf $9.
Cordials $11.
1998 Ramos-Pinto LBV $9.
Delaforce ‘Curious & Ancient’ 20 Years Tawny Port $12.
Pierre Ferrand 1er Cru Cognac $12.

Mmm...nothing sounds more delicious than ingesting something both curious and ancient for a mere $12.

nm said...

That Science Club place actually looks pretty cool, although of course the gallery doesn't show the crowd, so who knows what it's actually like on an average night? How did you come across it?

tom said...

And what's the science tie-in? Please tell me there is one. I'm imagining it's like those fictional explorers' clubs from the turn of the (last) century, where everyone's sitting around wearing fezes and sipping port. Except with scientists this time.

texas N/A said...

Where-t-f did that place come from? Do you have a "theory"? word.

texas N/A said...

Sure looks hep. The Post wrote about it. I hope one day he follows up with an article called, How Thomas Dolby Got His Groove Back.

texas N/A said...

Actually, an even better article is here.

The Governess said...

I KNOW. I am kind of afraid it's.... too hip. Like, beyond my capacity for hipness.

But we're going to try it anyways, because we're adventurous, dammit. Wish me much luck.

The Governess said...

Also, I wish there were functioning microscopes, though. Nothing says fun bar like Drunkies asking for cheek scrapings all night. From strangers. Via ballpoint pen.