Monday, February 06, 2006

jewel and the nile, take II

Somehow, being a total dolt, I deleted an entry from Saturday morning about my Fri. night: how Science Club is small, and the bathrooms are on the third floor, which is Bad Idea Jeans, but has chalkboards for patrons to write "Happy Birthday" messages and draw big penises or whatever, if that's your thing. I also made a joke about calling someone for a good time, but I forget exactly what that was all about. Anyways, the Science Club is not nearly scientific enough for me, and that is disappointing.

Also disappointing were reports that the Lilys apparently weren't very good. Disappointing #3 is that their poster for that show ripped off a Guster album, which is 700 different ways of wrong.

Also, we ate an entire box of jalepeno poppers later that night, and I asked readers to vote as to whether leftover jalepeno poppers would be a good idea for breakfast. Results are inconclusive, though I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you all pressed 2 for "no."

Most importantly was the bigass news that my BBBBBBBBF (as opposed to previously stated "BFFFFFFFF") got all proposed to, on the NILE RIVER, which is not something I can make up. So congrats and I love you lots and lots.

Seriously, Nile motherfucking River, people. Intense.


topic15 said...

Were the poppers filled with Cheddar Cheese or Cream Cheese? That is the deciding factor for me.

Anonymous said...

No offense to the Nabob's culinary skills, but they were filled with cheddar cheese that was melted enough to burn your mouth on one bite, and then cold and solidified in the remaining half of the popper. And yet, I ate more than my share.

Sommer said...

I have to go to Science Club on Wednesday to have drinks with two girls I went to high school with who I just ran into and discovered they live here. One of them was not particularly nice to me in high school, either. Was hoping the venue would make up for the unfortunate affair ... guess I'll have to content myself with the chalkboard.