Tuesday, February 07, 2006

fripp! fripp!

I was going to post about Cowboy Mountain, but I'm still too absorbed/laughing at the N's show report below.

So we'll leave it at this: Jake Gyllenblahblah, weaselly. Heath Ledger, looks like the way cowboys should, and yes, attractive, but still does not appear to be a 1963-era hottie. Plotline, yawn. Michelle Williams, still great, but not "Me Without You" great mostly because she just walks around sulky and hurt throughout the entire movie. The only "Dawsons Creek" episode I ever saw was the one where she kicked the bucket dramatically, and I was alone in a Florida hotel room and kind of over-emotional, so I can only mabes blame my Michelle Williams fixation on that single show. Anyways, I was the only person in the theatre besides several old lunching retirees who obviously were not prepped adaquately; and the pre-feature soundtrack was CAPTAIN AND TENILLE (!) who I think have must a "best of" out. Also, it was a C&T Christmas song.

People, I start a new career tomorrow. It is a whole new me.

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tom said...

good luck! try not to let the movie get you off on a confusing foot!