Thursday, February 02, 2006

no one really goes there

Quickly, regarding teh Hold Steady:

1. The night started with a Christian Guzman joke, which my brother helpfully pointed out "no one's really following the Nationals, so like, maybe one person got that reference."

2. Craig Finn is really less of a singer, and more of storyteller. Or so I said, until the N. corrected me. "He's a statement maker. Not like, a statement maker; when he sings things, he really just STATES them"

3. CF emoting "She said we partied; so I guess we partied" over the strains of OMD's "If You Leave." I think.

4. 2 new songs, maybe more! But def. two.

5. Obligatory DC hardcore reference.

6. I don't care what band it is, it's universal - any city, any time, anywhere, any band leader who uses the term "get high" in their song lyrics will elicit a mandatory cheer. It's in the rulebook.

7. As they ended the night with "Certain Songs," CF gesturing, beer in hand; a too-loud lovers quarrel in the back corner of the Black Cat commenced. During a rare silent-ish pause in sound, a dude's explosive "JESUS CHRIST" wafteed across the room of kids with pumpkin-shaped-ironichaircuts, clad in hoodies of all colors of the rainbow.

8. Ain't no party like a critically-eared blogger party.

9. Did Tad Kubler hold back? You can tell me if he did, it' sokay. Car-ride home consensus was that he did.

10. Somewhere exists photographic of me, on the 4th of July, 2004; which was spent on the rooftop of a Baltimore rowhouse, drinking Molson. I am sporting the exact same hairstyle as Dave D. of Swearing at Motorists.

All this initial spew might come across vaguely negative, but it's not. The Hold Steady are just a fun band. Craig Finn reminds me of this guy named Chris in my middle school lunch period, who would always laugh at me/with me, even when I was trying hard, but not being funny at all. THS are fun. And you know what? They seem nice. I like them. The end. This is not even me being sarcastic at all.

All is right with the world, and DC can peacefully sleep. My calves are tight, that means I shook my ass a little. According to popular belief/comments, I have reached my indie-rock-quota-writing for the week, if not the month. If not the millenia. The galaxy weeps!

* * *


EDIT II: (It's an unspoken rule i don't post pics of myself on PIAB, although i'm pretty sure it's not exactly difficult to find them on the internet in general. I am notoriously unphotogenic. So if your name is Dave and you were my high school boyfriend, then hi. How you been? I look better in reality, and my life is fabulous, and I am rich. REALLY rich. Seriously.

Anyhoos, if you are have fifteen seconds to kill before a Friday morning staff meeting or something, and you scour the links to the right ( --------->) you'll find an extremely funny photo of me at the HS show. Saying I look surprised is an understatement; and I'm really curious as to what I was looking at. I look almost appalled, or maybe Victorian/wistful (?), and none of those are really looks that cross my face too often. As for the rest of those folks? Well, it goes without saying - later on, we did some sexy things. Took these couple photographs, and carved them into wood reliefs.)


Jodasm said...

That lovers spat was actually a weird argument between some random guy and the bartender, who decided to refuse to serve him alcohol for at least three reasons:

1. He had not tipped him for beverages previously purchased.
2. Even though he was clearly of legal drinking age, he had put X's on his hands, presumably as a mark of his "hardcore" status. This led directly to argument three which was,
3. "You're shady."

The Governess said...

yay! details from the internet! i love clarifications.