Friday, February 10, 2006


1. ADVICE: worth investigating/purchase?

2. This weekend, an old drinking pal is coming in from Chicagonoise. I have not seen him in at least a year, where we ran into each other at a mutual friends wedding. Before that, I couldn't remember the last time I had seen said dog. He's now divorced, and floats perpetually in my noggin age 22, although no one is that way anymore. What with the wintery squalls of death loominating for Sat Nite here in the District, what do I do with such a peep? Good news: I am not wholly responsible for his funtiming. Bad news: I can't tell yet, but I'm sure there's bad newss associated. I feel it looming.

3. Last night I was upstairs, and I heard a thumping sound. I came downstairs, and Brown Dog was standing on top of my dining room table, like a kittycat.

4. Isaac Mizrahi, shut up. SHUT UP. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. I hate the fact that you perpetuate these ATROCIOUS ass stereotypes, you make me want to pull your hair and kick you in the teeth for no other reason that you are RUDE and INNAPROPRIATELY GROPEY and INTERRUPT YOUR GUESTS CONSTANTLY. I accidentally watched 5 minutes of your lame show on the talky box yesterday and now I want to organize a rescue operation for all the poor souls who work under you and probably when the cameras are off are WHIPPED 1000 LASHES WITH BEDAZZLED RHINESTONE BELTS OF HORROR. You had potential for my respect, until you decided to go on TV. Then, not even your polka-dotty Target fashion line could save you. Also, I think I saw you peddling Bermuda shorts in said line, with HEELS/ESPADRILLES, so. yes. Fuck off.


nm said...

1. Worth investigating further.
2. YES!!

nm said...

That YES!! was supposed to go with item 4 on your list...