Tuesday, February 14, 2006

love gang

Happy V-Night.

"I love you more than robots love killing humans."

chompity chomp/human love

When I was 19, a mere 7 months before I was to be asked out on a first date by Future Spouse (TM), someone sent me a valentine. It arrived in my campus post office box, cut and paste from a newspaper and scotch taped onto a sheet of stationary watermarked with an image of bamboo stalks. The return address was cryptic, but I knew who it was- he drew the tattoo he had on his shoulder, our secret code. This valentine was, to me, at the time, something I thought superfine- adult, smart, political, funny, unusual.

But I was 19. And now I'm not, and now the best ever valentines come in the form of other things: a day of IMing with friends about bed and breakfasts, and books, and gently mocking other friends who use Fugees lyrics in emails unironically; meaningful press releases that I actually enjoy writing; an email from an old coworker that they, too, have finally told The Man to shove it; a vase full of lilys*; a delicious homemade meal by a cute dude in a tight plaid shirt (shared, see above)**; and very, very soft dog ears.

Right now, I'm watching the Westminster Dog Show: my happy place. Hounds are currently competing. Tomorrow, I'm wearing a sweater vest.

I'd say the week could get better, but I'd probs be lying.

* (the lily signifies death, unless you are hanging at my house, and then all it signifies is a flower I really like.)

** (P.S. I'm sorry you couldn't marry my husband, Internets. It was selfish of me, but I don't care. I gloat. You are missing out and how.)


catherine said...

ah! i love the futurama valentine. i almost sent tommy a futurama ecard but couldn't find a well-done one. so i went with exploding dog.

the Nabob said...

Dang, I was going to Futurama post but the G out-romanticed me out of it.

One of the oddest things about this VDay were the Basking-Robbins radio commercials Billy West did. West was the voice of Fry, Zoidberg and several other characters on Futurama but he did the whole ad in the voice of Zapp Brannigan. I doubt Baskin Robbins realized they were channeling Brannigan’s Law for 30 seconds every hour on the Eights.

Captain Zapp Brannigan: I suffer from a very sexy learning disability. What do I call it, Kif?
Kif Kroker: Sexslexia.