Thursday, February 23, 2006


1. Oh, HELL yes.


For the past two mornings, I have almost annhilated the same guy with rHonda, (who, incidentally, is rolling exceptionally diry these days, and still has a NVCC parking sticked on the back windsheild to the embarrassment of a certain snob I know.) He rides a bicycle in the vicnity of 18 and H, and keeps one pantleg rolled up. Also, he looks like a blonde Wolverine.

When I was 21, I met a Swedish guy named Martin. It was hot July, in foreign mountains. Not only had I eagerly consumed Chinese food (????) and an entire bottle of red (tragic, rookie, mistake #1) I was wearing a miniskirt from Benetton (see previously, #2.) Anyways, Martin had dark hair that snaked down his face in crazy sideburns. Someone told him they liked his muttonchops, Martin screamed "Muttonchops? MARTINCHOPS!!!!!!" and giggled maniacally and actually, swear to god, got up a danced a jig not unsimilar to the Lucky Charms lepruchan. If the LC Lep was Swedish.

So now anytime I see someone with intense facial hair of a certain formation, I feel flashback-drunk, and need to control myself from screaming out "MARTINCHOPS!" And purchasing 2-sizes too small European clothing.

Wolverine guy on 18&H, I like your martinchops. I am sorry I almost keep killing you.

3. Things I Did Not Know Until Right Now:

Andrew Birds' entire album, The Mysterious Production of Eggs, is streaming at Righteous Babe records, complete with twee illustrations.

I've said it before, but: "Fake Palindromes." Who doesn't like long walks and sci-fi movies, dude.

4. Impaaaaaa-la.

S. just IM'd with information: apparently, we're all going on a roadtrip this weekend, to be soundtracked exclusively by Snow.

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