Saturday, February 18, 2006

phobiatown/a pack of jackals

HIOQI Interview with Mountain Goats:

- You have been doing "Last Plane to Jakarta" for years and years, since before it was called "a blog," back when we called things "webpages". Do you call it a blog now?

- No, but only because "my blog" sounds like "my Sergio Valentes," if you follow me.

* * *

I have things to say.

Friday, I got to eat crab pretzels, and hang out with stupendous people including one in a white faux fur (rabbit?) vest that was just TIGHT. Baltimore. I miss you!


Saturday afternoon/evening, upstairs pondering an actual shower after an afternoon of reigning in mini-breakdowns at Costco, just to accquire the 8 lbs of hummus our household requires to function weekly (I have a crowd "thing.")

I'm a clean girl but down with skipping the daily hairwashing, 1950's "getting it set" style, like my gramma who only washed her hair once a month or something. Probably more, but you know what I speak of. So of a certain age and you know the talcum powder trick in which you shake a handful of white powder on the crown of the head. I have long hair that can get dry, but I'm a blonde and while that greasy celebrity thing looks good on waifs with perfect skin and smokey Wet n Wild eyes from sexing male models all night and excessive tobacco usage, yrs truly doesn't do well with that look. I do freshscrubbed. Blushy-cheeked. Midwestern. Danish masseuse. French braids. Etc.

Where was I going with this?

Oh. So I as I shook some talcum powder out last night, I realized where and how I learned that trick. I was 10, and I learned that in ICU, you don't get to take showers. No, I wasn't the one in ICU, but that's how I learned the talcum powder trick.

Then I went and saw "Freedomland" and ate a Cobb salad at a chain restaurant. It was salty.


Sunday, we went and saw a Revolutionary war reenactment. I was sleeping in VA history apparently (sorry fourth grade teacher who's name I do not recall), and did not realize that in the Rev War that the 1st VA infantry fought not only the British, but the Brits friends, German Hessians who WERE AWESOME AND WORE GOLD POPE HATS. Also, we saw lots of Cub Scouts and the D. wore a crazy furry Russian hat, to which I suggested she go offer her help to the Brits, too; we could insert a Russian since the Hessians were already around and change history.

Although the Nabob says he's "taking a break" (he wants to stay friends, Blog. It's not you, it's him. You're a great blog, and someday you'll find someone to appreciate you as much as you deserve. He's young, Blog, and he just can't continue this level of committment because he's scared and fragile and a jerk and he's just really, really sorry), he's a liar, he'll be back for ex loving, and will have more on this most excellent adventure later.


The thing with the Jenny Lewis album: RCR loves it. I have listened thoroughly now. Here's my take: If I wanted to listen to this, I would break out the Alison K or hell, the KT Oslin crowing about how her momma was a dancer or the Hem, the most of likelies, the Emmylou. I may not be the best judge, because I do not usually listen on regular basis to lady country/alt-country/etc description (bc I am sexist?????? Maybe?????) But I turned to Nabob last night and said: "I just can't help feeling like I've heard this album before, by someone else, and I liked it better then."

You can leave comments below about how wrong I am on this. It's cool, I can take it.

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rcr said...

I was going to address Alison K and Emmylou in the review, but couldn't find the words to describe why JL is different to me. So, um, that's not really a convincing response. But whatevs.