Friday, September 28, 2007

the only six things i know about the game

by: the G.

1. Rex Grossman sucks
2. Everyone in this town is still bizonkers for the Redskins even though Daniel Snyder is a total douche.
3. Boise State uses the "statue of liberty" play.
4. Everett is the guy who got hurt really bad
5. Plaxico Burruss has a name that cracks me up every time I hear it, and I once referred to him as "the guy who's name sounds like 'plastic' but with an 'x'."
6. Also, Rex Grossman sucks.


the Nabob said...

This is seriously all she knows.

Armsmasher said...

C'mon. You know that the yellow line means first down.

the g said...

i do now. I also know, as of last night, about "encroachment!"