Tuesday, September 04, 2007

ethan hawke should not write. nor act usually. nor sing.

oh another thing I found out this weekend/recently: they are making a movie out of Ethan Hawke's The Hottest State, which might be a miserable idea. (This previous sentence was directed towards anyone who might be involved with the making of said movie, perhaps you should get out now? Or is it too late, and this destined-to-be-pile-of-excrement is already made? see, i can't even remember exactly what I read about it, I was already so bored.)

Oh man. Hottest State was like... Love Story, only for the even stupider.

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Anonymous said...

i found it hard to believe after recently watching five minutes of 'before sunset' that ethan could get a job acting ever again. i guess he had to make his own movie in order to. . .and, listening to one minute of him rapping on 'studio 360' a few weeks back convinced me he should be out of entertainment altogether. horrible. really.