Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Enrico Pallazzo saved the Queen!

Word is Pavarotti is in very bad health. I don’t intend to speak ill of the dead so I’ll do it now. I have a great story about the famed tenor but it can not be recounted on this family website. If you want to hear it, IM or email or ask me in person. It’s pretty good.


the g said...

perhaps code words/terms could be involved.

the Nabob said...

or sock puppets.

the g said...

sock puppets. you tube.

tonight, we create theatre.

The Duchess said...

okay, I know this story and now I'm thinking about it being acted out with sock puppets.

GROSS...thanks a lot guys.

Tom said...

The N shared the story with me over email. It's very good.

Naturally, I'm now trying to think of what sock puppet components would be necessary. I have a bunch of pink pipe cleaners I could donate, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how you'd make the belly. A sub-sock?

Oh, also: next time you see Charles, ask him about the all-sock-puppet version of A Separate Peace that he made while at Yorktown. It's good stuff.