Friday, September 07, 2007

.... DOT COM.

things I found around 'nets, places like kottke and whatnot else, but i'm too lazy to credit, because it's friday and whatever:

- meat hair
- time bomb
- mini cows
- dog hump
- croc undies

things my sibling said to me in a late night phone call:

- do i want to meet him and his fraternity brothers in Adams Morgan Saturday night, they are getting a hotel? (answer: no)
- have I ever heard of Arcade Fire, they are pretty good huh? (answer: really? no, really?????)

things I'm going to accomplish today:

- obsess over a house i really want to buy even though it's probably terribly impractical, and I believe may have a root cellar and the N. is terrified of root cellars, so we could never move there because of his "fear of skeletons"
- drinking?

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