Tuesday, September 18, 2007

also, i am back at the office today conducting important workstuffs

So SM ("asian experience" is a flavor? what does that taste like, exactly?) was unaware of Steven Seagal's energy drink production, which naturally led back to re-investigation on the Interhos. Upon revisiting lightningdrink.com; we discovered that there is a helpful icon in the lower left hand corner that tells curious consumers such as ourselves that one can find Lightning Bolt Energy Drink at fine 7-11 retailers. No need to order online! Good news for all.

OH! All this came up because of her hat tip of the millenium:

SM: if i still had a personal blog, i'd be tempted to do something about these photos (scroll down to the ones with the kids)

me: oh good lord. oh. that is outstanding.

SM: he's totally going to drop kick those kids into submission. Steven Seagal is angry! i love the Ukrainian media.

me: Steven Seagal is pouting!

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