Wednesday, September 05, 2007

state of the blod

oh hi blawg.

- Life has been desparately dull lately, what with the laundry completion and uh, that's it. Even my IM's aren't funny, although Amanda and I spent 30 minutes the other day dissecting the age old problem of whether or not it's totally reasonable to date/not date a dude based on firstname alone. (Ask us about our opinions on Bills/Bens/Ricks/Matts)* Somewhere back in the black holes of times past, there are two v. proper hoopskirted ladies writing letters in spidery handwriting about whether you should ever court a Wilhelm or a Laurent, because ermgggz you just know Laurent is a bad kisser.

- My shoulder/back, after being "back on track" (sorry), are nicely fucked up again, just in time for Fall. Thanks, God!

- I uploaded/swiped from K. photos from Chicago. Here's one that sums everything up quite nicely:

hint: used to have beer in it

- Other things I have been reading/watching lately (besides all things Dragon Wars):

Music from the Sphere

I was going to suggest "murder" as a topic for the next BSWW, but I retract that.

The IBD game

okay bye.

* i think the only thing totally agreed upon is that one can never git wit a "Johnny". Johnny's do/deal coke, right?** All of them? Okay, unless maybe Johnny Marr. Even then, though, probs ?able.

** "There's cocaine all over my clothes!" You just know a Johnny called that in?


Weezy said...

I still maintain that it partially didn't work out with "Don Johnson" because of his name. Then, of course, there was Igor...

the g said...

oh, my little parakeet.

Blogs t r e t c h said...

And physical violence. Don't forget the physical violence.

The Governess said...

OH RIGHT! And domestic disputers. totally forgot about that.

matt f said...

I assume everyone's opinions of Matts are wholly positive.

And who is the force behind this Music of the Sphere blog? Capps is mentioned therein.

Tom said...

I hadn't clicked through to the sphere blog before. That's a great premise. The author could write some javascript to do it all automatically (or get someone else to), were they so inclined.

the g said...

you should talk to the author about that sometime. i'm sure he/she'd love to discuss.