Thursday, September 27, 2007


- Today on the car ride in, the N decided "Myanmar" sounds like the name of something delicious. I, hwver, have decided it sounds instead like the name of a cat. Nermal, Heathcliff, Myanmar.

- Hey, way too late on this for all of you: but Lawrence Wright's My Trip to Al-Qaeda at the Kennedy Center? Really, really good.

- New York City

- 7 year trade-up

- Polly Jean Harvey, 93ish? (from unfogged)

Where was I. Hotel Chevalier* is free for download on ITunes, so I'm gonna go grab me some of that before having my second cup of coffee and conducting the most awkward business phone call in the history of mankind. Take care, Internet.

* update: jason schwartzman officially creeps me out.

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