Wednesday, September 19, 2007

a month away!

me: ... unrelated... did you know that Target is selling adult Hermione Whore costumes? for halloween? ?"

Amanda: hahahaha WHAT?

me: because they are

Amanda: holy shit

me: and they are labeled "Wanda witch." dude. you are fooling no one, Target.

Amanda: hahahahahhahahahha. you must photograph this, and blog about it. thanks.

me: done. i need to go try it on in person, don't i? dammit. OMG ALSO WHORE LIBRARIAN!!!

Amanda: 'member that time we were in prison, and our jump suits had flare pants and a halter top?


the Nabob said...

I'm assuming you know all of this because you've bought the Hermione outfit and will be wearing it soon. It'll look good with your aircast, brace and boot.

Becks said...

Slutty Hermione Granger is so two years ago.

the g said...

Becks, Becks, Becks. i never claimed that I was hip. Jesus, is there really a market for slutty Hermione Grangers? Color me astounded.

Emily said...

I think the real trend this year is going to be hacking existing costumes INTO sexy costumes. Bowling pin? What about a SEXY bowling pin??*

*tagline: Put on this hot number and for once your honey won't be knocking down pins, he'll be knocking 'em up!

the g said...

emily, i'm in.

i was momentarily confused by the Sexy Birthday Cake costume at Target as well, until I realized that it was suppposed to be a sexy woman jumping out of a cake. Which isn't nearly as good.