Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Would you rather have opposite? At least the B-town half-marathon is not like this. I ran in a race on Saturday that was roughly this shape and a guy who trained with Alan Webb was even complaining.


There seems to be much excitement over Ironman trailer, no? Here’s the G’s simple reaction last night as she’s lying in bed, not even looking at the TV, “Why is this commercial so fucking long?”

Ironman always seemed to me a second-tier hero with dumb villains. And recently he’s been a major dick. So why the excitement? I think it’s less the character and more that the public has secretly craved more Robert Downey Jr. In fact, let’s just forget every other part RDJr has played in the last 22 years and assume that this is a sequel to Weird Science. I can easily see Tony Stark, billionaire weapons designer turned, recovering alcoholic and major Republican campaign donation bundler, pouring cherry Slush Puppies on nerd's heads at the mall as a high school senior.


Is mine the only CVS in the area that is not already selling Halloween candy? I want my goram candy corn!


Tom said...

Ironman always seemed to me a second-tier hero with dumb villains.

This is certainly true. When your arch-nemesis gets his power from the large amounts of jewelry he wears, it's a pretty good bet that your Rogue's Gallery isn't going to be considered "classic". As far as I can remember, all the other villains are just Iron Man except not quite.

the g said...

i didn't get that it was the trailer. but yeah, i'd see it for nothing else but RDJ. I do like him.

Kriston said...

RDJr:repulsive::Iron Man:repulsors

the g said...

kriston's just mad he's not blogging elite.

Tom said...

Aren't we all, G?

(angry, I mean)