Thursday, September 20, 2007

you should see the ads

things discussed at great length this morning via gchat:

- Beards, beard championships, beards made of chia seeds, growing your own salad toppings on your face, redwood tree toppling, types of lava

- Okkervil River, flair bartending

- Consensual sex where the girl takes drugs beforehand as to be unconscious during the act: kinky-and-terrifying, or boring-and-terrifying?

- S's coworker Tim's investment strategies.

- my anti-nut philosophy

UPDATED: Oh. And I forgot the chat about vampire peacocks. How could I overlook that, you ask? I don't remember.


Tom said...

I don't want to steal her story (not completely, anyway), but Emily's new family dog is almost certainly a vampire. Asked if she knew how he wound up at the pound, her mom said, "They didn't tell me anything about him except that when he came in he had two puncture wounds on his neck."


The Deceiver said...

OMG, I am getting totally jealous over the Amanda-Governess gchat mirth! I want ins! Please...?

(OMGZ: Yr verification word tonight it "antcody!")

Armsmasher said...

America's Next Top Cody? It had better be my uncle.

the g said...

only people from texas have uncle cody's.