Monday, October 01, 2007

here is where i talk about bands

catan: i needed to leave for a minute. everyone in there is tall, hot, and nuts
the g: ... and not in a good way.

Show last night was fantastic, even if it was ass-to-crotch crowded, 1000 degrees, and the RnR Hotel was smelling vaguely of cauliflower. At least their sound is decent. OR's set was awesome- a great mix of old and new, and they didn't play "Red" even after 80 or so drunkards screamed out for it, which is good because I'm sick of that song. Their "Westfall" was bizonkers. The shortest, most excited Asian OR fanboy ever * stood next to me and sang precisely along to every single lyric, which made me happy cause I spotted him earlier beggin for tix outside. I witnessed family members drinking beer and out til midnight on a Sunday (babysitters of the suburbs, lemme hear you holla). I met an internet dude both Catherine and I were previously convinced didn't actually exist in real life. I didn't drink that much, so I am functioning this morning.

Oh, also at pre-show beers-n-sandwiches, we learned several kind of adorable anecdotes about damian jurado's kid AND that the world is really small (esp. when Austin, TX is concerned.) Everyone knows everyone.

All in all, great night. In conclusion, my foot hurts. Completely unrelated: I seriously can't believe I missed the Long Winters a few months ago. God, stupid.

* (K: can we talk about that kid?
K: i was trying to describe him and his friend to K&J - did you hear when he yelled out 'that was ABSURD!!!"
me: ha. no?
K: and then his friend turned to him and said "YOU'RE absurd"
K: he was great.
"THE SNARE!!!! THE SNARE!!! if we cover this song, we HAVE to do the SNARE!"
that kid can die happy now.

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