Thursday, October 11, 2007

Who wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of 30-year-old illiterate Longhorns playing some ex-con Gators?

At this point, any scheme designed to establish a new professional football league can be scientifically characterized as wolf-face crazy. But you know what? They may be on to something with this All-American Football League. I’m officially intrigued.

There’d be six teams, each of which is made up exclusively of alumni of powerhouse colleges who couldn’t crack the NFL. Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, and Alabama. Games in the spring, played either on the campus or nearby. Basically, a college an All-Star league

I didn’t go to a school with a respectable sports program and usually pay little attention to college football so I’ll probably stick with the NFL. But there is certainly an existing fan base large enough for this to work. I imagine other schools would be eager to join too, especially if it’s not an XFL* level debacle after the first kickoff. And I’m sure while the actual universities can’t be official sponsors, there’s no reason to be against it.

Verdict? Unlike the UFL, the AAFL is not completely laughable.

*Even though it was created in this decade, XFL paraphernalia is considered “vintage” on Ebay.


Tom said...

I wish I could muster enthusiasm for this, but I'm afraid my heart is still broken from the failure of SlamBall.

the g said...

i was just gonna pose the question: is XFL funny yet? I kind of want a "he hate me" teeshirt, or whatever that was. I feel like i need to probably give it another year or two at least, tho.

the Nabob said...

we have a regulation XFL football in the basement but you never seem to want to throw around.