Monday, October 08, 2007

I guess if you consider 395 a park, then yes, it is park-side.

The radio and the web logs were both atwitter this morning because some condos in Old Town Alexandria were being auctioned off at reduced rates. Something like $100,00 below the normal price. That sounds like an amazing deal. And it would be great to have some new neighbors in Alexandria. Unfortunately, the group running the auction is using an incredibly liberal use of the tag “Old Town.”

Let’s consider that the Banana Republic at the corner of King and Washington Streets is the center of Alexandria. Let’s also say I live in this advertised Parkside at Alexandria and need a new flowing A-line skirt in a grey soft wool-blend flannel for a business/casual dress rehearsal dinner I’m attending Friday. That should be no problem since I live in Old Town, right?

Almost. Google Earth says Parkside is a little over 4 miles away from the BR, as the crow files. But don’t think I’m not going to pull the same stunt now when we sell out place since we’re 3 miles away. Hell, we live on the waterfront. In the Torpedo factory even! Also, George Washington wrote the Articles of Confederation in our guest bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Parkside is Old Town? Yeah. If the realtor can run to the Torpedo Factory without keeling over, I hereby retract all snark.

These are the same shenanigans that make Yonkers into Bronxville or Scarsdale. That's right kids; Son of Sam lived in Bronxville.

Anonymous said...

Park-side was an apartment condo conversion. They started converting back when the market was hot hot, but when the finished it has cooled way down; so they have a ton on inventory. So they are trying anything to unload these things. I looked their once when I was a renter and the apartments where quite spacious, but the management was horrible. Plus, after growing up in LA I learned that the unhealthiest places to live are those right next to a freeway, so my lungs thank me.

Anonymous said...

You ain't kidding about proximity to 395. Although, you'd be hard pressed to find a three bedroom condo conversion inside the Beltway for less than $300,000.

Here's an aerial view that gives you an idea as to the location.