Tuesday, October 02, 2007


187 text messages later from my friend B, completely flipping out about his beloved Colorado, we finally had to go to sleep. It was the 11th inning and it was getting BORING, y'alls. Walk, strike out, walk, strike out. Etc. 8-8 forevs. The only fun part was every time Khalil Greene would come up to the plate, so I could start quoting Fast Times at Ridgemont High again and annoy the everliving shit out of my husband. Obviously, we gave up to soon, since Jamey Carroll and his boys came back to win in the 13th or something ridiculous like that, according to SportsCenter. Also: holy crap, the goatees. It was Battle for the Playoffs: Facial Hair. Giles vs. Helton.

okay, that's all about that.

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