Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Posting you're friends cellphone number under a sign that reads "Bagpipe Lessons" at the supermarket is funny

I love practical jokes. I currently have two in the works, so look out. The public around me needs to be on constant vigil on their toes, ready for the unexpected. Leaving a sausage frozen in a 2x2 foot block of ice on someone’s doorstep is the modern version of being stalked by a sabretooth. It helps our species.

It’s also why dislike April Fool’s. The expectation that someone might try to pull a fast one on you ruins the possible experience. Yesterday, upon hearing that a friend had just announced they were having twins, I flat out didn’t believe it.

With the arrival of the internet, these tricks have become tiresome and mostly unoriginal. It’s why rickrolling someone works so well 364 days of the year. It’s why faking your friend’s death in a national newspaper does not. In fact, there were three articles in the Post today about pranks pulled yesterday and they were all lame and, for the most part, failures. And two of the cases were irresponsible abuses of power.

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